Apr 16, 2018

How many of us use some sort of water filter? How many of us use a plastic Brita or buy water bottles, or have to constantly buy refills for our filtration systems? Unfortunately, a lot of us. After spending approximately $30 a month on my water filter that only lasts for a couple weeks (a month if I’m lucky) I knew there had to be another way. After stopping by one of my favorite shops in Brooklyn, NYC I luckily found a better solution. Kishu Charcoal is made from oak branches in Japan and is slowly carbonized to 1,000 degrees. After a number of days, activated charcoal emerges. These branches are sustainably harvested and is a 100% green water filter. Say goodbye to all that plastic waste, and hello to more money in your wallet!
Why is this option so great? Kishu is made from Japanese activated charcoal, is individually hand cut (each stick is different), produces great tasting water, and even their packaging is completely eco-friendly. They also provide secondary uses once you need to replace your “filter”. How does it work? Once Kishu receives their charcoal from their artisans in Japan, they start preparing and cleaning it in large tubs of water to remove its protective ash. After drying, they proceed to individually hand cut each piece into 3 sizes: “Regular” for pitches, “To Go” for water bottles (especially great if you travel a lot), and “X-Large” for 3-5 gallon jugs. Then they boil each stick in a large pot of water, dry it for another 24 hours, and heat-seal it in its compostable sleeve.
How long does each stick last for? About 4 months. Every month you’ll want to boil your Kishu stick in water (for about 5 minutes) to keep its pores open (this is how it’s filtering your water). After, allow it to dry for 30 minutes before reusing. Once the 4 months is up, you’ll want to replace it. In the final stages of Kishu’s life, it can be used in your fridge to help absorb odors (better than baking soda), or it can also be mixed into your garden soil where it’ll help improve water absorption. And that’s it! It’s super easy, very sustainable, and my water has never tasted better 😉

どれ位の人がウォーターフィルターを使用していますか? どれ位の人がブリタ製のプラスチックフィルターを使用していますか、またはウォーターボトルを購入していますか? 残念ながら、私たちの多くが該当します。 数週間(運が良ければ1ヶ月)用のウォーターフィルターに月約30ドルを費やした後、違う方法があるとわかりました。NYCブルックリンでお気に入りのお店に立ち寄った後、より良いフィルター方法に出会いました。紀州炭は、日本のオーク支店で作られ、1000度までゆっくりと炭化します。数日後、活性炭が現れます。これらの枝はサステイナブルに収穫され、100%のグリーンウォーターフィルターです。 すべてのプラスチック廃棄物にお別れを言い、財布のお金をセーブしてください!
なぜこの方法はすばらしいのでしょう? 紀州炭は日本の活性炭でできていて、個々に手作業でカットされ(それぞれの炭の形が違う)、素晴らしい味の水を生み出し、その包装さえも完全に環境に優しいものです。また、フィルターを交換する必要がある場合は、予備も提供してくれます。どのように機能するのでしょうか? 紀州炭は日本の職人達から木炭を受け取った後、保護灰を取り除くため大型の水槽で汚れを洗います。それを乾燥させ、個々に3つのサイズ、「普通」、水ボトルの場合は「To Go」(旅が多い方にお勧め)、3〜5ガロンの場合は「X-Large」に手作業でカットされます。それから、大きなポットにそれぞれの棒を沸騰させ、24時間乾燥させ、堆肥可能なスリーブに熱融着します。