Have You Been to One of the Healthiest Cities in America?

Jul 19, 2018

A few weeks ago, I introduced some data from WalletHub.com about the fittest cities in America, and we saw some interesting results. To my surprise Los Angeles came in at number 19 and New York at number 46. Let’s just say shocked doesn’t even begin to describe what I thought they would be ranked at. This week I’m including which cities in America are the overall healthiest and below you’ll be able to see their “green space” rank. WalletHub has carefully created a point system collecting data against parkland acres per capita, quality of parks, hiking, running, and walking trails per capita, walking and biking scores, physical activity access, and city greenness for starters. And that’s just an example of how they determined a city’s “green space” rank. Take a look at the list below to see which cities are the overall healthiest in America. Be sure to stay tuned; next week I’ll conclude this series with which cities in America have the healthiest food!

Overall Health Ranking (Highest to Lowest)

1.San Francisco, California
(Green Space Rank: 1)

2.Seattle, Washington
(Green Space Rank: 2)

3.Portland, Oregon
(Green Space Rank: 5)

4.San Diego, California
(Green Space Rank: 7)

5.Washington, DC
(Green Space Rank: 3)

6.Burlington, Vermont
(Green Space Rank: 21)

7.Scottsdale, Arizona
(Green Space Rank: 25)

8.Honolulu, Hawaii
(Green Space Rank: 10)

9.Irvine, California
(Green Space Rank: 13)

10.Denver, Colorado
(Green Space Rank: 19)