Re: Recovery Wear

Oct 1, 2018

We all know the importance of sleep for recovery but can you help your body recover from what you’re wearing? Re: Recovery Wear is a line of apparel comprised of special technical fabrics that help your body recover more effectively while you rest. This line helps serve both mind and body after a workout or long day, improving sleep quality, while simultaneously increasing blood flow and circulation, which then further helps aid in muscle recovery.

How Does It Work?

Re: Recovery Wear employs the power of far infrared rays- healthy rays contained in natural sunlight. Far infrared (FIR) is a vehicle for all the benefits of time in the sun without the potential for long-term health issues. FIR will increase the vibration of water molecules inside cells, effectively raising the temperature in microscopic regions, not by heat, but by electromagnetic energy. FIR has been proven to increase blood flow in deep tissue, a vital catalyst in muscle recovery, all without making you hot and uncomfortable.
With that being said, their clothes are lined with special technical fabrics that emit these rays into your muscle tissue, and encourage many positive health benefits such as better sleep, style, recovery and increased circulation. This line is designed around an assortment of core features like:


Printed with bioceramic materials that can generate far infrared rays- the key to Re: Recovery Wear’s properties.

Premium Quality

Made with premium materials including a mix of high quality polly/span blend and merino wool.

Wardrobe Staple

Tailored to look great on all shapes and blend seamlessly into any wardrobe- for both men and women.

Vibrant Colors

This line is available in a range of colors that pair well with any tone/hue. Think muted pink, grey, charcoal, and navy.

Who Wears Re: Recovery Wear?

This line is for anyone who cares deeply about improving the quality of their sleep and elevating their general health and overall wellbeing. This can range from professional athletes, bodybuilders, and triathletes whose recovery is in their core maintenance, or to the weekly pilates class-goer struggling with their morning commute. Re: Recovery Wear can be a solution for everyone.

睡眠が身体を回復させる上でとても重要なことなのは知られていますが、回復を手助けする衣服があるって知ってましたか?「Re:Recovery Wear」は、睡眠中の効果的な身体の回復を早める特別な紡績技術を持つアパレルブランドです。この製品を着る事で睡眠の質を高め、血液の循環を良くし、筋肉疲労を休めてくれます。トレーニングや長い一日を通して疲れた身体を身体的にも精神的にも休めてくれるのです。


「Re:Recovery Wear」は自然光からくる遠赤外線の力を利用しています。遠赤外線は様々な利益をもたらす媒体で、長期間を通しての健康などで効果が見込めます。遠赤外線は細胞の中の水分を振動させて熱を発生させます。また、血液の循環を細胞レベルで活性化させる事が証明されていて、熱さや不快感を感じることなく筋肉の回復を促進します。この製品は、その遠赤外線を生地に取り込む技術を持っていて、筋細胞の回復をはじめ、睡眠の質を上げ、循環機能の向上などの効果が見込めます。製品自体には以下のような特徴があります。



Premium Quality(プレミアムクオリティ)


Wardrobe Staple(揃えておきたいアイテム)


Vibrant Colors(活気に満ちたカラー)



Re:Recovery Wearは、より良い睡眠をとりたい人は健康的になりたいと思っている人のための製品です。トップアスリート、ボディビルダー、トライアスロン選手など体のコアから回復を求める方々から、朝が苦手でピラティスは週1回、といったような方にも幅広く愛用されています。Re:Recovery Wearはどんな人にも満足してもらえる衣服なのです。