7 Sustainable Sneakers You Should Know About

Mar 1, 2022


Sustainability is beginning to become an integral part of most conversations around consumption, especially when it comes to fashion. As we uncovered in our sustainability buzzword glossary, the fashion industry contributes to one of the world’s biggest polluters, making up 2 percent of the GDP. Though we have seen a few select advancements in the fashion industry in terms of sustainability, footwear has been slower to address issues around this. However, with technology continuously progressing alongside consumer demand for more sustainable sneakers, the shoe industry is taking action. If you love sneakers as much as you love our planet and care about some of the major issues we’re facing today, you may be rethinking your purchasing habits when it comes to fashion.

While it’s nonsensical to think you’ll never buy a pair of shoes again, we can all take more conscious actions, such as investing in footwear that is made more responsibly. From sustainable materials and production practices, the footwear industry is making strides when it comes to this. Meanwhile, brands are becoming more conscientious about how they’re contributing to the rising problem of climate change and waste. While sustainable shoes are often touted as “less fashionable” these seven pairs that we’ve rounded up are anything but that. As technology advances, we are witnessing that it is possible to have high-performing shoes that are not only comfortable and fashionable but eco-friendly as well.

The Sustainable Sneaker Update:

1. Everlane The Forever Sneaker
Coined as “The Forever Sneaker,” these shoes should last you for quite some time and are simply made to live in. They are fully recyclable, lightweight, and made from sustainably sourced materials like a 100 percent organic cotton upper and natural rubber outsole. Another perk is that they are machine washable for easy care. And when you’re ready to upgrade your sneakers because they’re finally worn out, Everlane will help you recycle them properly. I don’t think it gets much cooler than that.

2. Allbirds Tree Runner
Allbirds have become a favorite amongst many conscious consumers who are looking to become more sustainable without sacrificing performance or comfort. Their Tree Runner is carbon neutral due to sustainable practices like using natural materials funding high-impact carbon projects. These particular sneakers are made with eucalyptus tree fibers sourced from South African farms that help to minimize the use of fertilizer and rely on rainfall instead of irrigation. Their shoelaces are even made from recycled plastic bottles, amongst many other specs.

3. Veja Campo Sneakers
Considering these were the most-searched-for sustainable sneakers on Lyst, it’s no surprise Veja ended up on here. These shoes are soft, lightweight, and contain ChromeFree leather panels. These are designed without hazardous chrome, heavy metals, or acids. Their insoles feature a supportive blend of sugarcane, Amazonian rubber, and recycled EVA foam. Though this design is their most popular, they have many more offerings and are all sustainably made.

4. Adidas Stan Smith
Here is one of the most iconic sneakers but made differently. This iteration of the Stan Smith was designed with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials. According to the product’s description, 50 percent of the upper shoe contains recycled content and no virgin polyester. From the court to the streets, these shoes will get you there.

5. Adidas Ultraboost 22
Along with Stan Smith, the Ultraboosts got a makeover. As part of Adidas’s commitment to using only recycled polyester by 2024, they are definitely getting there. The redesign includes a high-performance yarn that contains at least 50 percent Parley Ocean Plastic– a reimagined plastic waste intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines, preventing more pollution. The other yarn that was used is made from recycled polyester. Aside from that, the new and improved Ultraboosts will give a snugger fit and will leave you feeling that much more comfortable.

6. On Running Cloudflow
On Running uses technology to constantly improve the materials and manufacturing process for their environmentally friendly running shoes. Their shoes are lightweight, grippy, and completely vegan. They have also released a new generation of the ever-popular Cloudflow running shoe. The refined re-engineered uppers give a sleek look for consistent comfort and now use 70 percent recycled polyester.

7. Hoka Clifton 8 x Outdoor Voices
Both Hoka and Outdoor Voices are brands that focus on sustainability, but the two have teamed up and released this sustainable running shoe offering as another collaboration. The Hoka Clifton design is well-known for its reliability, thanks to their exclusive Meta-Rocker proprietary technology that combines a low heel-toe drop and a traditional rounded sole rocker. This combination complements your body’s natural stride while promoting a healthy running gait. None of which was lost in this collaboration but now comes in the quintessential Outdoor Voices colorways.

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サステナビリティは、特にファッションに関する話題の中では不可欠になり始めています。サステナビリティに関するバズワード用語集で明らかにしたように、ファッション業界は 世界最大の汚染物質の1つで、GDPの2%を占めています。 持続可能性の観点からファッション業界でいくつかの進歩が見られましたが、履物はこれに関する問題に対処するのに時間がかかりました。 しかし、よりサステナブルなスニーカーに対する消費者の需要とともに、技術が進歩しているため、靴業界はついに行動を起こしました。 私たちの惑星を愛するのと同じくらいスニーカーを愛し、今日私たちが直面している主要な問題のいくつかに関心を持っているならば、購入時の習慣を考え直す必要があるでしょう。

二度と靴を買わない、と考えるのは無意味ですが、より責任を持って作られた靴に投資するなど、私たち全員がより意識的な行動を取ることはできます。 サステナブルな素材と生産慣行から、靴業界は進歩をとげています。 一方、ブランドは、気候変動と廃棄物に関する問題の高まりにどのように貢献しているかに、より誠実になっています。 持続可能な靴は「ファッショナブルではない」と宣伝されることがよくありますが、私たちがとり上げたこれらの7つのスニーカーはそこには属しません。 技術が進歩するにつれて、快適でファッショナブルであるだけでなく、環境にやさしい高性能の靴を手に入れることが可能になるのを目の当たりにしています。


1. Everlane The Forever Sneaker

2. Allbirds Tree Runner

3. Veja Campoスニーカー


5. Adidas Ultraboost 22
スタン・スミスとともに、ウルトラブーストも大変身しました。 2024年までにリサイクルポリエステルのみを使用するというアディダスの取り組みの一環として、彼らは間違いなく目標に到達しています。再設計には、少なくとも50%のParley Ocean Plasticを含む高性能糸が含まれています。これは、離島、ビーチ、沿岸地域で傍受された再考されたプラスチック廃棄物です。 、および海岸線、より多くの汚染を防ぎます。使用された他の糸はリサイクルポリエステルから作られています。それとは別に、新しく改良されたウルトラブーストはぴったりとフィットし、はるかに快適な気分にさせてくれます。

6. Cloudflow
On Runningはテクノロジーを使用して、環境に優しいランニングシューズの素材と製造プロセスを絶えずアップデートしています。彼らの靴は軽量で、完全にビーガンです。彼らはまた、人気の高いCloudflowランニングシューズの新世代をリリースしました。洗練された再設計されたアッパーは、一貫した快適さと洗練された外観を兼ね備え、現在70%のリサイクルポリエステルを使用しています。

7. Hoka Clifton 8 x Outdoor Voices
HokaOutdoor Voicesはどちらも、持続可能性に焦点を当てたブランドです。しかし、2人は協力して、この持続可能なランニングシューズを別のコラボレーションとしてリリースしました。 Hoka Cliftonのデザインは、低いヒールトゥドロップと従来の丸みを帯びたソールロッカーを組み合わせた独自のMeta-Rocker独自のテクノロジーのおかげで、信頼間の高い商品としてよく知られています。この組み合わせは、健康的なランニング歩行を促進しながら、身体の自然な歩幅を補完します。