Is Your Collagen Supplement Missing This Nutrient? Here’s What To Look For

May 15, 2022


With how many collagen supplements are on the market, finding one that actually works for you and your needs is no easy feat. There’s a lot to consider when finding an ideal formula like: Where was this sourced from? Are there any bulking agents or additives? How much collagen am I getting in each serving? And the list goes on. One of the latest findings that a few experts suggest regarding supplementation is the cofactor that helps your body produce collagen. Any guesses? If you’re thinking of vitamin C, you’re right. Though a hot skincare ingredient, many adults are missing adequate levels of this nutrient, and so are most collagen supplement formulas. Below we discuss why the collagen you buy should contain sufficient amounts of vitamin C, whether you’re interested in an animal or plant-based collagen product.

Why Vitamin C Should Be In Your Collagen:
Vitamin C, the classic antioxidant, is a crucial part of the collagen process. This antioxidant is a cofactor in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which helps give your skin the plump and youthful appearance we’re all hoping for. Without this vitamin, your body cannot adequately produce collagen . Not only is vitamin C able to promote fibroblast production, but aid in collagen DNA, and helps to improve collagen synthesis.

Not only does vitamin C help support collagen production, but further supports protein after the fact due, to vitamin C stabilizing the collagen you already have. However, the bulk of us are falling short of the recommended amount of this essential micronutrient for optimal skin health. Seeing as your body cannot make this water-soluble nutrient on your own, vitamin c must be taken daily. Though true deficiency is rare, getting optimal doses can be difficult. Approximately 35 percent of American adults aren’t eating the recommended amount of vitamin C, equating to roughly a little over one hundred million Americans. So, if that’s the case for the U.S., then imagine what those numbers could look like in varying countries. Supplementing with a collagen product that already contains vitamin C while ensuring you get your daily dose can surely help bridge that gap.

3 Collagen Supplements With Vitamin C:

1. Dr. Axe Multi Collagen Protein Powder Immune :
More than just your average collagen powder, Dr. Axe products use clinically studied, proprietary ingredients, and this blend is no different. One serving contains 10 grams of collagen protein, 900 mg of vitamin C, and soil-based organism probiotics to support your gut and immune health.

2. Garden Of Life Grass Fed Collagen Beauty:
With flavors like strawberry lemonade, Garden of Life is making it tastier than ever to get your daily collagen in. In addition to bovine collagen, it contains a myriad of beneficial ingredients like probiotics, vitamin C, biotin, and silica. Silica, a trace element, encourages collagen synthesis and improves skin strength and elasticity . Lastly, it’s made without gluten, contains zero GMOs, and is independently lab tested for efficacy.

3. Klean Collagen+C:
Klean Collagen+C contains 15 grams of hydrolyzed bovine collagen per serving, along with 50 mg of vitamin C, that’s been derived from organic amla fruit. It’s formulated to maximize absorption and is naturally flavored with various juice powders. This collagen contains zero artificial sweeteners, synthetic flavors, or dyes and is non-GMO and gluten-free. Lastly, it’s NSF Certified for Sport, meaning it’s been tested to ensure it doesn’t contain any substances banned for athletes.

The Takeaway:
Remember, taking collagen isn’t necessary for optimal health. But if you do already take it or are interested, be sure to use one that has vitamin C, as it helps boost collagen synthesis and production.

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1. Dr. Axeマルチコラーゲンプロテインパウダー:
Dr. Axe製品は、平均的なコラーゲンパウダーだけでなく、臨床的に研究された独自の成分を使用しており、このブレンドも例外ではありません。 1食分には、10グラムのコラーゲンタンパク質、900 mgのビタミンC、および腸と免疫の健康をサポートするプラントベースの有機プロバイオティクスが含まれています。

2. Garden Of Lifeグラスフェッドコラーゲンビューティー:

3. Klean Collagen + C:
Klean Collagen + Cには、1食分あたり15グラムの加水分解された牛コラーゲンと、有機アムラフルーツに由来する50mgのビタミンCが含まれています。吸収を最大化するように配合されており、さまざまなジュースパウダーで自然に風味付けされています。このコラーゲンは、人工甘味料、合成フレーバー、または着色料を一切含まず、非GMOおよびグルテンフリーです。また、NSF Certified for Sportです。つまり、アスリートに禁止されている物質が含まれていないことが確認されています。