The Great Outdoors

Aug 1, 2017

With the uproar in gyms and classes, a lot of us forget to get back to our roots and hit the great outdoors. Outdoor activities can enhance overall fitness, and can range from kayaking, going on a walk, to picking up a basketball, to high-adventure excursions like camping and rock climbing. It’s a perfect way to get out of a gym rut if you’ve been left feeling uninspired. And now more so than ever, many trainers are now recommending all kinds of outdoor activities (like previously mentioned). Not only do you get a great workout, (experts say you can burn upward of 530 calories an hour when hiking, and even more if the wind resistance is high) but it has great mental benefits too. Greenery provokes a mood-boosting response after just five minutes… and to be honest we all have time to take five minutes for ourselves. So instead of locking yourself up in a gym for a couple hours a day, try doing some of your routine outside (hello outdoor yoga), or try something new- and maybe you’ll inspire a couple friends to join you as well!