Exotic Superfoods

Nov 15, 2017

By now we’re pretty accustomed to the word “Superfood” and everything trending around that topic. We’re seeing brands put them in our daily comfort foods (chia seed pudding), drinks (turmeric lattes), snacks and even beauty products. However, since this trend is growing there’s new Superfoods that are getting added to the list.
The first one that’s getting recognition is the purple sweet potato (also known as the Okinawan potato). Not only is the potato a staple in the Okinawa diet but also is outstandingly high in antioxidants. The purple hue is a good indicator that it has high levels of anthocyanin; a phytochemical that’s been studied and found to reduce oxidative stress, help fight free radicals, and protects the cells in our body from diseases.
Another Superfood that’s getting some attention is black radishes. It makes for a fun alternative to the normal red radishes we’re used to seeing. Besides it’s unique color, these radishes are known to have around four times the amount of glucosinolates- a cancer fighting sulfur compound.
Lastly, beluga lentils (yes, in reference to beluga caviar) is a thing. Despite its creative name, beluga lentils are a terrific source of vegan protein and are also very rich in the antioxidant anthocyanin. Not only are these lentils beautiful to look at but they’re filled with fiber and protein; a half-cup of cooked beluga lentils has approximately 9 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and only 112 calories.
So there you have it! Be sure to look out for these new Superfoods and let the exploring begin!

他に注目を集めているスーパーフードは、黒ラディッシュです。見慣れた赤いラディッシュから面白い変化ですね。この独特な色を持った大根は、グルコシノラートを約4倍含むと言われています。- ガンと戦う硫黄化合物です。
最後に、ベルーガレンズ(ベルーガキャビアと呼ばれています)です。 その独創的な名前にもかかわらず、ベルーガレンズ豆はビーガンタンパク質の素晴らしい源であり、抗酸化物質であるアントシアニンも非常に豊富です。 これらのレンズ豆は見た目が美しいだけでなく、繊維やタンパク質で満たされています。半カップには約9グラムのタンパク質、8グラムの繊維を含みながら、わずか112カロリーです。