Locker Room Beauty

Dec 15, 2017

Nowadays, showering and getting ready in your gym locker room is more of a spa-like experience. However, that wasn’t always the case. Companies would typically keep the bathroom areas stocked with the bare minimum, using bottom of the barrel brands for shampoo, conditioner, and body care. This attitude sort of changed in 2009 when Equinox partnered with Kiehl’s and kissed their no name generic bathroom products goodbye. And soon after, gyms and other studios followed by stepping their product game up after realizing clients are looking for a more indulging experience.
In the next coming weeks SoulCycle just announced their new collaboration with Le Labo (specializing in fragrances, body products and candles) and you’ll be able to find their shampoo and conditioner in studios soon. Furthermore, Barry’s Bootcamp is also jumping on the bandwagon and incorporating Oribe hair care products in their studios this month as well. However they’re not alone. With the rise of locker rooms looking more like personal home bathrooms, other studios in New York City have been seeing brands like Chanel (Taryn Toomey’s studio), Nubian Heritage Soap (Rumble), Red Flower (at Mile High Run Club), and Malin+Gomez (Peloton) to name a few. Aside from the endorphins, fun new music you discover in class, and the calories you burn, these products are probably a huge incentive to keep showing up to class/the gym. You may just need to get there early… Shower lines will be long.

数週間後には、SoulCycleがLe Labo(フレグランス、ボディー製品、キャンドルに特化した)との新しいコラボレーションをアナウンスし、スタジオで彼らのシャンプーやコンディショナーを利用できるようになりました。更には、Barryのブートキャンプもその波にのり、今月Oribeのヘアケア商品をジムに取り入れました。彼らだけではありません。自宅のバスルームのようなロッカールーム改善の風潮は、ニューヨークにある他のスタジオでもChanel (Taryn Toomey’s studio)、Nubian Heritage Soap (Rumble)、Red Flower (at Mile High Run Club)、そして Malin+Gomez (Peloton)といったブランド名も見受けられます。エンドルフィンだけでなく、新しくて楽しい音楽でカロリー消費など、こういったアイテムはクラスやジムへ来るモチベーションを上げてくれるでしょう。おそらくシャワーの列は長いので、早めに利用する必要があるかもしれません。