May 1, 2018

It’s been no surprise that hot yoga has incredible benefits from detoxification to major muscle toning. And we’re learning that infrared technology is astoundingly therapeutic as well. So, I ask you this… what happens when you take hot yoga and infrared technology and mix them together? Sweat. Theory.

Los Angeles’s Sweatheory has been around for a couple years, but their ski lodge-esque wooden yoga studio is what sets them apart. They’re designed to offer the benefits of infrared hot yoga (which is kind of cool).Unlike other saunas or steam rooms your experience isn’t limited to a 15-minute sweat session at 200 degrees F. Because of the technology that’s being used, the maximum temperature is around 140 degrees F and you can sit in there for an hour. Infrared heat is known to heat the core of your body to provide muscle rejuvenation, promotes weight loss, and helps further detoxify your skin to leave it feeling better than before.

An elevated state of wellness is what this studio is all about. There are no chemicals in the 100% grade- A cedar wood walls, they have glue-less bamboo flooring, and to top it all off, they have a pink Himalayan salt wall that promotes purification in the air for deeper breathing. And just when you thought that wasn’t enough, the ceilings are lined with medical grade chakra lights, each with a variety of healing abilities that are activated throughout a session to create a sense of relaxation, energy, detox, and even love.

Not to mention, they have an abundant menu of intriguing IV and vitamin injections. Some of which include things that help energy levels, hair, skin, and nails, stress levels, jetlag, and complete multivitamins- all in a liquid bag form. So whether you’re looking for a new yoga studio or a quick infrared sauna sweat session, this place has you covered.


ロサンゼルスのSweatheoryは数年前からありましたが、彼らのスキーロッジ風の木製ヨガスタジオは、それらを切り離すもので、赤外線ホットヨガの利点を提供するように設計されています。他のサウナやスチームルームとは異なり、200度Fでの15分間の発汗セッションに限定されません。最高温度は約140度Fです。そこに1時間座ることができます。 赤外線熱は体の中核をあたため、筋肉の若返り、体重減少を促進し、あなたの肌をデトックスして改善してくれます。