Helpful Hibiscus

Jun 1, 2018

Originally a flower, hibiscus is an amazing luscious plant that has tremendous health benefits, some even like to mention it as a superfood. Knowing this, want to know what it can do? Hibiscus is great for hydration, reducing inflammation, and loading your body up with:

Vitamin C
Increasing Immunity
Helping Aid Digestion
Promoting Circulation
Regulating Blood Pressure
Lowering Cholesterol
Protects Liver
Anti-Cancer Properties
Menstrual Pain
Antidepressant Properties

Brewing a cup of hibiscus tea is a great pick-me-up or a nice 3pm drink when we typically get tired, and a little snack-y. What’s nice about it is that it satisfies your sugar craving without actually taking in any sugar since it’s naturally sweet and tart (depending on how long you steep it for). Which is a perfect segue on how to brew hibiscus tea. One of the most important things is to not over-steep it, like I briefly mentioned above. If you let the petals brew too long, you can end up with a tea that’s way too bitter and therefore, unenjoyably. More in this case, is definitely not better. To be on the safe side, take 2 teaspoons of hibiscus dried tea leaves and add it to boiling water (in a loose-leaf teapot, French Press, individual tea strainer, etc) and let it steep for five minutes. Once ready, strain it and then add in your favorite garnishes (maybe mint, honey, or stevia?)
Lastly but certainly not least, hibiscus is great for beauty. Free radical damage from stress, poor diet choices, and pollution are major factors in premature aging and overall skin quality. And because hibiscus is full of antioxidants it helps combat free radicals and keeps the skin youthful, which I will gladly drink to!

元々、花で知られるハイビスカスは、驚異的な健康的利点を持っている美しい植物であり、スーパーフードとしても紹介されています。どんな効果があるか知りたいですか? ハイビスカスは、水分補給、炎症の軽減、身体の負荷に最適です: