Clean Market

Aug 17, 2018

New York City has no shortage of marketplaces however; none of them are quite like this. Located on a busy street corner in Midtown, Manhattan, this sophisticated all-white destination has debunked what a typical spa looks like. Welcome to Clean Market, New York City’s newest wellness destination. Lily Kunin, a clean food advocate, cultivated this space and you’ll find all her expertise under one roof. Designed to uplift both mind and body from within, Kunin has created an invigorating environment where clean-living masteries and consumers alike can join together and connect.

“We are dedicated to helping you feel your best by providing you with purposeful nutrition, effective products, and innovative services to optimize, energize, and transform your life. We’re on a mission to feel better, live better, compete better, and look better – with the ultimate goal of living life to the fullest.”- Clean Market

What You’ll Find Inside

What you’ll find inside is infrared saunas, IV drips, cryotherapy treatments alongside a plethora of holistically charged nutritional supplements and functional foods. Something that’s pretty luring is their Nutridrip lounge- the first location outside the Nutridrip brand’s own clinics. Their menu has 13-strong vitamin drips that can target anything from detoxing, enhancing energy, reducing a hangover, and getting glowing skin from within. A trained practitioner administers each IV drip, and you can even customize it depending on what your symptoms are. Additionally, Clean Market also has a tonic bar. Their menu includes superfood smoothies, vitamin-infused boosters and signature drinks designed with Moon Juice (an LA favorite juicery that is more than your average juice shop).

“We’ve done the dirty work for you. Every single product and service that Clean Market offers has been selected with your health and wellbeing in mind. We’re on a mission to redefine what it means to be well.” – Clean Market

Kunin’s functionality based approach to wellness continues into the store itself. The shelves are stocked with high quality tested supplements, adaptogens, and bath and beauty products that support everything from your adrenals, gut health and regulating mood and stress. So whether you’re feeling a bit under the weather or want to indulge in some self-care Clean Market has you covered.

ようこそクリーンマーケットへ。ここは、ニューヨークの中で最も新しいウェルネスの最新スポットと言っても過言ではない場所で、マンハッタンの中心地の一角にあります。とても洗練された全面まっ白なそのスポットは、一般的なスパのイメージを覆すでしょう。ニューヨークシティには様々なお店が溢れていますが、クリーンマーケットはその中でも唯一無二な場所です。Lily Kuninさんは、クリーンな食材の提唱者の一人で、クリーンマーケットには彼女の専門知識の集大成が詰め込まれています。彼女は、「清い生活を送る」為に必要な技術を持っているスタッフとお客様を繋げる場所を用意する事で、身体的にも精神的にも人々に元気をくれる環境を作り上げました。



クリーンマーケットでは、赤外線サウナ、点滴静脈注射、寒冷療法、そして同時に様々な栄養補助食品や機能性食品などを試す事ができます。中でも魅力的なのは、Nutridripラウンジです。Nutridripの直営クリニック以外では、初出店となります。ここでは、デトックスや二日酔い改善、お肌の再生などを目的とした13種類の強力ビタミン点滴が受けることができ、さらに、それぞれの点滴についてしっかりと研修を受けたスタッフが、あなたの症状にあわせてカスタマイズもしてくれます。また、クリーンマーケットにはトニックバーもあります。スーパーフードスムージーやビタミンブースター、Moon Juice (ロサンゼルスで愛されているスペシャルなジュースショップ)の定番ドリンクも用意されています。