How to Transform Your House Into a Home Gym

Apr 1, 2020


With the majority of all fitness studios closing throughout the world, working out at home is no longer a thing of the past. Before you start shopping for an entire home gym on Amazon Prime, look around your house, or better yet your kitchen. I bet that you already have a great selection of free “gym equipment” you may have not realized. Below you’ll find a list of equipment ideas that take the average household item and transform them into the perfect at-home gym accessory.

Common Household Items to use Instead of Weights:

1. Water Bottles / Soup Cans:
Did you know that soup cans and 8oz water bottles approximately weighs about 1.5 lbs? Try using 2 filled 8oz water bottles in each hand for some arm/ shoulder workouts.

2. Wine bottles:
Though these are a little more sensitive to breaking that cans or water bottles, wine bottles make great hand weights as well.

3. Laundry Detergent / Milk Jugs:
A standard gallon of milk weighs 8.5 pounds making it easy to do kettlebell exercises at home or dumbbells if you have 2 containers of milk or detergent.

4. Rocks:
Rocks vary in shapes and sizes, the bigger the rock, the heavier it will be. Depending on how much weight you’re looking to add you can collect some rocks from your back yard or neighborhoods near you.

Common Household Items to use Instead of Gliders:
1. Towel
2. Socks
3. Paper Plates

Common Household Items to use Instead of a Resistance Band:
1. Towel
2. Pantyhose
3. Rope
4. Oversized Rubber Bands
5. Old Sweatshirt

Other Ways to get Creative within Your Household:
1. Stairs
Simply run up and down your stairs to get your cardio in.

2. The Wall
The wall makes for a perfect place to do wall sits or to use as a ballet barre.

3. The Kitchen Counter / Back of a Chair
Use the kitchen counter or the back of a chair as a “barre”.

4. Backpack
Fill a backpack up with canned goods, rocks, or clothes and wear it while doing lunges, squats, or running up and down the stairs.

5. Vacuum Cleaner:
Simply place some weight on top of your vacuum cleaner and drag it across the floor for some at home “sled pushes”.

世界中で多くのフィットネススタジオが閉鎖されているため、自宅でワークアウトすることはもはや過去のことではありません。 アマゾンプライムでホームジム商品を買い始める前に、先ずはあなたの家を見回してください。 皆さんは気付いていないかもしれませんが、すでに素晴らしい無料の「ジム設備」を持っているに違いありません。 以下に、平均的な家庭用品を取り上げました。完璧な自宅用ジムアクセサリーに変える事のできるアイデアリストをまとめました。

1. 水筒ボトル/スープ缶:

スープ缶や、8オンスの水筒の重量は約1.5ポンド(約680g)であることをご存知ですか? 腕や肩のワークアウトには、両方の手に8オンスの水ボトルを使用してみてください。

2. ワインボトル:

3. 洗濯用洗剤/ミルク容器:

4. 岩石:
岩は形や大きさが異なり、岩が大きくなるほど、重くなります。 追加しようとしている重量に応じて、裏庭または近隣から収集できます。

1. タオル
2. ソックス
3. 紙皿

1. タオル
2. ストッキング
3. ロープ
4. 特大のゴムバンド
5. 古いスウェット

1. 階段

2. 壁

3. キッチンカウンター/椅子の後部

4. リュック

5. 掃除機