Take Care

Jun 15, 2017

This year, personalization has been everything. And when it comes to your health it only makes sense that personalization stays important. Though the majority of us pay attention to what we eat, we’re typically still not fulfilling our nutritional needs. Certain essentials are painfully difficult to obtain from foods alone (like vitamin D), and several medications can decrease B vitamin levels. This is where we turn to supplements/ multivitamins. However with over hundreds of products on the market trying to choose which pill to pop can be overwhelming. When looking in the vitamin isle a myriad of questions usually come up like, “Are these ingredients safe? How do I know nothing else is in here? Should I be buying the most expensive brand?” Not to mention, everyone is different. Where one person might need a mega dose of vitamin C another person may not

Care/of, a startup that delivers monthly tailored daily supplements allows you to curate your own nutritional needs with the help of their own team of doctors. Simply log on to their website and fill out a questionnaire that examines your health goals, diet, history, and lifestyle. That information is then ran through data algorithms to generate recommendations, which are based on thousands of peer-reviewed research articles and vetted by Care/of’s staff of doctors. Once you’ve received your recommendations, you can add or remove supplements as you see fit. The final assortment could include any of the brand’s 30 vitamins, herbs, probiotics, prenatal, and specialty supplements. Care/of is dedicated to quality assurance. Their research and development team has traveled the globe to deliver the most effective, bio-available ingredients. Such as why we see them having rhodiola rosea from the Altai mountains of Siberia or elderberry from Austria. They’ve created relationships with farmers and suppliers that are just as committed to quality and sustainability as they are. Ingredient’s sources should be taken seriously since this directly influences potency, bioavailability, and digestibility. Harvesting methods impact the environment and local populations.

While dedicated to quality, transparency around their ingredients in supplements and accuracy on labels is also a major concern of theirs. They believe you should know where your supplements are coming from, where they’re being sourced, and the manufacturing locations and testing. Care/of sources their ingredients from the places in the world where they’re cultivated best, from Ireland to India. All final production and testing is done in the United States at NSF and GMP certified facilities. Once you’ve made your final selections you’ll receive your personalize packs each month (starting at $20 and up depending on your individualized mix). And to top it all off, your name will be put on the packaging. Not sure what’s better than that.

今年は、何でもパーソナリゼーションすることが好まれています。それが健康というトピックになると、その個性化が如何に重要であることが理にかなっています。大半の人が自分の食べるものに注意を払っていますが、我々は通常、まだその栄養ニーズを満たしていません。特定の必須成分は、食品だけでは摂取できにくいビタミンD、又、医薬品の中には、ビタミンBのレベルを低下させる可能性があるものも存在します。したがって、サプリメント、マルチビタミンを取り入れるのです。しかし、もの凄い数の製品が市場に出ていて、どれを選べばよいか圧倒されます。ビタミンセクションを見るときは、「これらの成分は安全ですか?そのお店に希望のサプリがないことを、どのように見極めますか?私は最も高いサプリを買わなければなりませんか? 」誰もが違います。 大量のビタミンCを必要とする人もいれば、そうでない人もいます。