Healthiest Food in America… Which City Will It Be?

Aug 1, 2018

Not too long ago I showed you what city in America was the fittest, what city was deemed the healthiest, and we found some surprising information. In a city like Los Angeles that’s filled with kale and cauliflower rice, and home of fitness fads and trends, it was quite shocking to see it so low on the list. Coming in at the 19th fittest and 16th healthiest city in America, while New York City was found to be the 42nd fittest and 12th overall healthiest city in America. From the same data at the makers of WalletHub come the “top healthiest food” rankings. Take a look at the list below; I’m sure it won’t be too surprising unlike some of the other categories. This concludes our series with If you want to look at some other factors they tested you can find the data here! Thanks for tuning in.

Healthiest Food Rank (Highest to Lowest)

1. San Francisco, California

2. New York, New York

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

4. Portland, Oregon

5. Los Angeles, California

6. San Diego, California

7. Seattle, Washington

8. Oakland, California

9. Miami, Florida

10. San Jose, California